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Our Story

Local Company. Global Impact!

GeoSolarHeat Inc., is a Delaware Corporation, although home based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. GSH was founded John “Wolfie” Wolf, a disabled US Army Vietnam Veteran. Agrieos is the poultry and agricultural division of GeoSolarHeat Inc. After being introduced to Transpired Solar Collectors for Heat Powered by the Sun, Wolfie used his technology knowledge and experience to design an environmental system to track current environmental conditions and react with positive improvements to heated air that poultry needs and breaths. We look forward to improving the Poultry Industry due to the highly beneficial benefits of our Transpired Solar Collectors combined with our Patented Environmental Optimization System (EOS), Patent #9868586.

We also are very proud of improvements to the air exiting houses, reduced energy needs and potential increased production to meet the needs of the U.S. poultry market as well as exporting increased production due to EOS to other countries.

Our History

Wolfie was exposed to Transpired Solar Collectors (TSC’s) in 2012 and became a Licensee of the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL). At the time NREL held the patent for TSC’s, but it’s patent expired in 2017. The original TSC’s were all metal, painted black with entry holes on the TSC surface facing the sun. TSC’s do not produce electricity, just use sunlight from the sun to create FREE heat. Our TSC’s have all metal framework, but the surface facing the sun, producing more heat than steel is durable synthetic woven fabric.

Wolfie, an accounting major in college and former IRS Tax Law Specialist was amazed to find that TSC’s and his patented EOS qualified for REAP Grants & Loans, Federal ITC energy credits, 200% first year Federal tax depreciation and State energy tax credits and other State tax benefits where appropriate. The total of these benefits not only enable Agrieos to offer products that improve the health, growth, reduced mortality of broiler poultry and offer tremendous financial benefits while doing so.

The Agrieos Hott Chixx EOS (Environmental Optimization System) improves TSC benefits by monitoring and controlling: house temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia, sound, motion and giving the Grower’s and others access to all activities in their houses using 360-degree video cameras accessing by smart devices, tablets and PC’s.

GeoSolarHeat received their EOS Patent #61927991 on December 26, 2017. They licensed it to their agricultural initiatives under Agrieos. Future initiatives will include heating systems other livestock initiative and for: Residential, Commercial, Retail and Military structures that need fresh air heat and cooling.

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