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Lower Energy Costs!

Hott Chixx Environmental Optimization System (EOS) brings in FRESH HEATED AIR when needed therefore reducing propane or natural gas use. This means substantially lower energy costs for our customers.

Faster Weight Gain!

We focus on optimizing air quality (lower ammonia and humidity) which has proven to increase speed-to-targeted-weight while making birds healthier.

We Grow Profits!

When Hott Chixx EOS decreases heating fuel use, growth cycle days and reduces mortality rates, therefore increasing production, we are improving Profits.

Environmental Optimization System

Hott Chixx EOS is our revolutionary system that puts total control in the grower’s hands. With cloud based Hott Chixx EOS, the broiler house environment can be controlled from anywhere in the world with the touch of a button. EOS shows current operational data and automatically reacts to setups for:

– Temp – Humidity – Ammonia

– CO2 – Motion – Sound Levels