Hott Chixx EOS

We believe in the advantages of renewable energy and the positive impact our renewable solar heating system has on the poultry industry and the positive impact to the environment.

We believe our commitment to our clients to deliver best in class service keeps us true to our company values. We are committed to hiring Veterans as our first priority and will have positions for legless and/or those Veterans with multiple amputations.

Masaru Emoto

John Wolf

was born in Fayetteville, AR and is the former EVP for Alltel Information Services, Inc. He has been a leader and innovator in the technology industry for the past 30 years. He was a keynote speaker at the Microsoft Global Summit in 1994 sharing the stage with Jeff Raikes, former Microsoft President. He is a disabled Vietnam Veteran, serving in the 23rd Infantry Division, awarded a Combat Infantry (CIB), a Bronze Star and 2 Air Medals. 8mm movies he took during an air mobile combat assault have been used in 4 documentaries and viewed over 80 million times. He is also a certified Choctaw Indian by the Bureau of Land Management.

Jerry Straughan | Agrieos

Jerry Straughan

Past winner of the prestigious Lamplighter Award that pays tribute to individuals for sustained and exemplary service to the poultry and egg industry. Jerry Straughan retired from Cal-Maine Foods and is an enthusiastic supporter of the USPOULTRY programs and was an active member of the USPOULTRY Foundation Research Advisory Committee for many years. Jerry also served in the Coast Guard Reserves for eight years.

Our People

The Agrieos team is dedicated to providing best in class service. Our highly skilled team of professionals and their commitment to our companies core values are the reason for the success Agrieos.

Argieos System

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